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Everything is at one place

We've created pipeline view on dashboard to give you clear visuals of your leads
Hover your mouse for quick overview and explore what's inside.

Quick Create

Add Lead, Todo, Contact or Organization from any where quickly.

Result Criteria

Get your desired result in one click from criteria dropdown. Also access your saved filter.

Manage Streams

Stream is workflow for you leads for different stages. Add multiple if workflows are more than one.

Team Members

Assign leads to your colleagues with just drag & drop on leads.


Refine your result more with filter various options just in one place.


Stages for your business leads to travel between Stream. Create as many you need.


Mark your lead favorite and track each activity of what other members are doing.

Drag & Drop

Simple and smooth UI to just drag and drop your leads between milestones

Make your own workflow

Make your own workflow

It can be easily customized for your marketing teams accroding to what you choose. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your team works.

Streams for your workflow

Stream is set of your milestones. Create unlimited streams according to your different marketing strategies or services.


Land unlimited leads and milestones

Add your leads into different - different milestones which shows you that at what stage your lead is. You can change the name of milestones according to your requirement.


Add tags to lead

Add tags to leads that helps you to identify it e.g. If you marked the red label as a high priority then you can filter all high priority leads and these are vailable across all streams.


Quick filters for everything

Apply filters while working on leads, todos, contacts and even on ogranization. Various options with custom fields tofind defsired results. Filter can also be saved.

Manage your contacts and organizations

Manage your contacts and organizations

It can be easily customized for your marketing teams accroding to what you choose. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your team works.
contacts and organizations
Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team

Use smarter way to lead team and always make great collaboration with your team.

Todo Lists

Don't forget what you have to do. Add todos for your leads of different types like email, call, meeting and tasks etc.

Todo list

Notes for leads

Save all important information or conversations that should be with it e.g. points of meeting or any other important information to remind about for assigned user.


Attach files with leads

You need not to maintain important files in your drive, just attach any kind of files and forget. Downloading file is just one click away.


Get notifications

User will get notification when any lead assigned to him and can also choose to get notification for the leads by following.


Manage payments in leads

Maintain records of payment received from specific lead or customer in account which will could be viewed from insight reports as well.

Track actions on date

Count your specific actions on date and get total in the end of the day or month. It very useful to track calls & specific action performed

Custom Fields

For Leads
Create unlimited fields to save custom data with leads.
For Contacts
Increase the fields of contact form with customized fields to save more information.
For Organizations
Extra fields for saving more about organizations.

Import and Export

Quick start with bulk import leads, contacts, organization, todos from excel file. Just map your columns and that's it
You also have facility to export leads, contacts, organization, todos in excel with column filtering.
Categorize your leads

Categorize your leads by products, sources and locations

Keep adding leads according to category and identify it easily.

Add products or services

Add the product or service which the client wants to purchase with quantity and discount. Multiple products for one lead can be added.


Where lead has come from? (Sources)

There are lots of ways that a lead can come e.g. online form, social sites, reference and many more. Multiple sources for one lead can be added.


Define with location

You can select and add location into particular lead. It'll help you to know from where you are getting more leads.


Secure and Reliable: your business is safe with us

You can fully relay on us to save your important data. It's your data and we are 100% committed to keep it secure. We use secure and encrypted connections, where informations have privacy.

256 bit SSL security

We maintain bank grade security. Data is fully encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. Our data resides in high security, access controlled data centers.

Daily database backups

We regularly back up your data to ensure that it is always safe and secure. We have your last 30 days backup with us always.

Set Goals and achieve them

Admin can set the goals of the particular user. User and admin both can check the progress of the goal. Goal can defined for lead won or of lead price for different streams as well.

Effective & automated reports

Track leads and your team performance with these usefull reports

Users Activity Reports

Check report of users activity for particular day or for date range. Select activity type for more filtered approach.

Learn More

Insight reports

Combined reports to know and get overview of all the leads by stream, milestone, user, lead won & lost, dates, products, sources, locations, payments and actions.

Learn More

Summary Emails

Summary report are truly automated to send emails on the frequency you set. You get summary of user activities, stream, missed todos by users in your inbox.

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