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It's about Leadxen

Leadxen is a product of Macwill, Initially built to give our own marketing team a better and fast work experience that other same kind of platforms couldn't provide and then made public for every business.

Our Story
How Everything Started.. and How it's Continuing

  • We just feel… We need something to manage sales

    We are working with the great marketing team that generate leads on daily basis. We have faced many problem while saving the daily data. So, we have planned to purchase the sales management system for managing the sales leads.

  • Searching for sales management systems

    We started searching the best sales management system. We came with some good options and we have choose one of them and planned to purchase it.

  • Not satisfied with them

    Our marketing team started working on it but our requirement was not full filled properly because the working process it totally complicate. There was an also issue with the speed. We need something simple, easy and fast.

  • Idea!!! Let’s make something own

    After the lots of complaints we discussed on their problem with management and there the great idea raised that to build our own lead management system.

  • Lots of discussions and plannings

    We called the meeting with our own marketing team to discuss about the problems that they were facing. After discussion we started searching on different CRMs and start preparing the notes about our planning’s and requirements.

  • Set goal

    After lots of meetings and searching we prepared our final wireframe for Lead Management System. We set our goal that is to make it simple, fast, easy to access and for all kind of business.

  • Select team to assign this project

    We have great developers but we choose masters of coding to assign this project so they can turn our idea into reality with smart and advanced technology.

  • Team collaboration and hard work

    We have done great hard work to accomplish the goal with communication, unity and integrity.

  • Everything is ready

    After a long working journey we have reached at our goal. Now a lead management software is ready to send to testing team.

  • More than 100 time testing

    Our testing team has done a great job to find out the bugs and issues. They tested it more than 100 times in different devices and browsers. We received a long list of errors but our development team resolved it in short time. Now it’s passed from testing team and ready to use.

  • Implement and get feedback

    It's already passed from testing team but we want to know is it suitable for all kind of business? So have implement it to our native companies to manage sales. They like it very much but they also sent us some suggestions and requirements.

  • New features and improvement

    After getting feedback we discussed all points and send to development team. After this working process we added more new features and done improvements in design according to latest trend. We provide dedicated server to increase the working speed and also update the security system to build customer's trust.

  • Hire support team

    Once all set about the product we hire delicate support team and provide proper training so that they can help the clients and resolve there issue and queries easily.

  • Launch and get it rock

    When we get success in generating the software our team started deciding that name of the software. All team members has given their suggestions about the name. In the end we all have decided to give name that should be easy to pronounce and easy to learn so we all decided to set the name Leadxen. After all set we have decide the date and launch the Leadxen with cheerful way.

Now we have many users with great feedbacks!

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