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Roadmap and updates

Our future plannings and recent updates that we've done

Features & Development Roadmap

We believe in accuracy and provide proper product to customers, so we frequently improving Leadxen to make it more valuable.
  • 1 Import feature for Products, Reasons, Sources, Locations
  • 2 Customized customer order quotes with leads
  • 3 User Specific Dashboard
Our team is working on these points

We never stop working to make it more and more better. Here you can see what is going in our development lab and what is coming very soon.

  • 1 Lead Payments Collection by Users
  • 2 Integration with third party websites for lead generation
  • 3 New Lead view design
  • 4 Actions for leads
  • 5 Geo Location with Country, State, District, City details
  • 6 Send todos in email in My todos & All todos
  • 7 Common tags with more colors
  • 8 Merge duplicate leads
  • 9 Contact Advance Search
  • 10 Leadxen Online Help Documentation
Let's check. What we've done?

This is Leadxen's recently completed tasks. If you are not seeing the updates, then may be it's history and cache issue. please clear your browser history and login again.

  • 1 Cold leads should not display first in dashboard view
We are thinking on it.

We are receiving many new feature requirements and suggestions. Your all points is under discussion and we will try to implement your ideas and suggestions soon.

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