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Sorry for the Recent Service Disruption to Leadxen

By Macwill on February 2nd, 2017 | News & Announcements

Yes we know! We messed up and we are sincerely sorry. Most Importantly, we are taking steps to make sure it never happens again.

From Monday 30th January morning, Tuesday 31st January and Wednesday 1st February IST most of our users experienced disrupted service when using Leadxen web app. First off, we want to apologize for the disruption, we know that unscheduled interruptions disrupt your business.

If you see a message that your dashboard or charts can’t be displayed you may need to refresh your browser a couple of times.

What happened

On Monday afternoon (11am IST), we noticed that the server was not responding well and started going out of sync. It led to a disruption in service and speed for about 90% of our customers. We were on the case immediately but we feel that it took us far too long to fix the problem.

We finally identified the true source of the problem and rectified it. In the end it turns out the confusingly rate-limiting of server resources which mainly caused the slow speed and thus your MailSync wasn’t syncing too.

We should have spotted that this was the root cause a lot faster. We should have had better systems in place to prevent such kind mistake from our server providers from impacting the entire deployed application.

Here’s how we fixed it

Once server team had isolated the problem, they immedeately started working on rate limitation rules and configured for our deployed allotted server.

It was due to reconfiguration so the configurations was reset to standards and rules were applied back to normal resources usage by team as well.

Ensuring it doesn’t happen again

We too our self ensuring currently that it should never happen again and discussing every root cause that could come and what plans to tackle those all situations.

In addition to fixing the root cause we have explored how to make sure this sort of thing can never happen again.

Thank you!

We know how important Leadxen is to your  daily marketing and sales business and we really care and value each and every one of you and thank you for your support.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked through this and sorry again for the inconvenience.

Head (Web)

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